"Live your life with your head held high."

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Lupita Nyong’o named People’s Most Beautiful Person

TODAY: Lupita Nyong’o is People’s Most Beautiful person for 2014, the magazine revealed Wednesday morning on TODAY. The Oscar winner with the perfect smile and the style to match beams from a cover that promises “her inspiring story.”

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This or That (Sailor Moon character version):
{ Sailor Neptune or Sailor Pluto, asked by yukiooikawa.

{ Sailor Mars or Sailor Pluto, asked by whitepolaris.

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Hotaru’s school report, from the brief period where they try sending her to a regular school, says that she is a very imaginative child but that one might perhaps be a little concerned about the strength with which she clings to her made-up family?

Haruka frames the report and hangs it in the living room.

Also, Michiru has carefully coached Hotaru in writing like a kid, because otherwise the teachers get so freaked out.

It all ends up moot, anyway. They can’t change schools fast enough to make people not get the creeps over her ridiculous growth rate. Setsuna takes over as main home school teacher.

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happy birthday to me, me, me and my brother

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Cap:Good boy~

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coming home

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↳ Captain America #617

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I will continue to love these two until I die.

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aoba gets extra pretty things in his hair this morning uqu

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"im a woman and im not offended?!??!!"

after years of searching without success, i have found her. the one. behold: the spokesperson of the entire female population. bask in the glow of her internalised mysogyny. bask, my friends.

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but what happened the first time at krispy kreme

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